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Gil Galad

and though she's so far awayƒ
i know i'll meet her againƒ
and though i know she'll never be mineƒ
i will love her till the end of timeƒ


when she see me she hit me and sayƒ
how is it nice to see you againƒ
it has been so god damn longƒ
i wish we never ever say again so longƒ


we don't even have to say a wordƒ
we don't have to say a wordƒ
i know what does she thinkƒ
and she knows meƒ



one day don't know whenƒ
i will come for youƒ
sky will be blue and brightƒ
everything will be niceƒ
birds will sing sun will shineƒ
everything just for usƒ
one day maybe soonƒ
i will take you with me